You got me alone
random writings from an overanalytical mind.
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I am a senpai. And I will never notice you. Not because you’re not good enough. But because there are always these damn sparkles surrounding my head and I can’t fucking see anything.


This may seem to be nothing but heck this is so deep.

He broke up with me like hell. It was burning me inside. The slow tingling sensation of pain evolves and establishes itself inside my heart, I almost cry. Or no, I cried. Inside. It was too painful yet being strong was something I’d have to buy instead. There’s no price in losing a battle, so make another track to live strong again.

I don’t really cry about it anymore. Its just a deep sadness that makes me feel numb.

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In the end, it’s the “what ifs” that hurt the most..

John (J.D.) Dorian, Scrubs

so much truth in this statement..

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My greatest problem is, I will always look at you with love in my eyes, and you will always glance at me with uncertainty in your eyes.

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I haven’t heard your voice in
a while, your mouth is always
on hers. I’m happy you’re happy
(at least I’m trying to be), but
my favorite dream is still the
one where you kept loving me.

anne, you’re still mine when I’m asleep (via anneisrestless)

Wala na kami. Nakipagbreak na siya. Natapos na yung ‘It’s Complicated’ level sa amin. Masakit alam mo yon? Ang stupid e. Sabi niya malakas sya, kaya nyang maghold-on. Guess nilunok niya lahat ng sinabi niya. Ayoko nang ituloy to. Ang sakit e. Traydor na luha.

I could spend my last seconds with my bed that was always there for me when the world wasn’t.

Even I can’t convince I’m okay. As long as Im there alone, I will cry.

I will miss the times he used to brush my hair with his hands. And his gentle kisses upon my lips, my forehead and my hands. I will miss the way he calls me right after school, and his morning messages that give me butterflies in the morning. I will miss the way he used to care about me, and when he scolds at me. The times we used to be together laughing and having fun, holding hands.

I made it right I guess. Letting him go because that’s what he wanted. I will miss everything … about him.


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Mapapagod din siya sayo, iiwan ka rin nyan.

Senyora Santibanez

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