Atlast I’ve done reading If I stay. Cried a lot. Gayle is a tearjerker.

The Bert and Jhel Adventures.

After such cute adventures we’ve gone the past few weeks, it was pretty much tiring, yet nostalgic. Things would come to make you realize that material things aren’t the most important things in the world, it ain’t luxuries as well, but it’s the memories you create from time to time.

We’re way to 9th month and it feels amazing and good to have such relationship worth more than anything else, and having someone worth more than anyone else. It feels good to have new memories with him. Not those romantic ones but those what you can remember as you lay down to sleep at night.

The perduring happiness behind those ups and downs that happen sometimes is still worth-handling because it’s him, and he alone could give you those butterflies tickling your little stomach.

It’s him and he alone could make you remember such sweet promises of forever.

It’s him and only he could give you the glance at future when he plans it with you.

It’s him and only he could be the reason of your pain and tears yet you see it in your hands that the relationship still glows, not wanting it to sieve down the spaces of your hands,

It’s him and only he could give you the most unique moments no matter how cliche it is for others,

It’s him and only he could kiss, hold your hands, tickle you, make you happy, kiss the back of your hand and forehead, and make it as the best things in you.

It’s him and only he could …

It isn’t the material things that matter the most. It is the chance to bond and create new memories together.

My goal with him <3

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My biiiiig Gb. 👍👍

Namimiss ko na yung dati. Ang dami na kasong nagbago e. :-(

Ayokong dumating yung isang araw na bigla na lang akong masanay kahit hindi na kita makausap, magiging okay lang. Ayokong dumating yung araw na pati makatext ka, or magpaload man lang, ikatamad ko na kasi hindi mo na ko nabibigyan ng time. Pero sige iintindihin ko pa rin :’)

8 months and counting, making it to forever. I love you to the moon and back. Take that in mind.

First and foremost, you are the best thing I ever have. I tell you that often and don’t doubt about it. The joy you give me is something heartwarming and I’m enjoying that feeling. You, wrapping me around your arms make me secured, making me feel like you never wanted anyone but me. We do crazy things and fight at times but that doesn’t make me love you less, because I love you more and more each day, from the day I wake up, til I sleep at night, and at 2am-3am-4am and so on, it just goes fonder. I love you baby, don’t ever leave me ‘cause I won’t let you. Will you marry me? Hahaha. Happy 8th!

Namimiss ko na siya. Nasa work kasi siya ngayon eh. Sabi niya 8pm daw yung out niya, and 8pm na kaya hinihintay ko na siya. Namimiss ko na siya huhuhu. Lol drama lang. 😘

Why ya make pacute ha? Im falling inlove even more. 👅💋👍

Also I found this while in the forest, it made me happy

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